Senior Advisor

Dr C Daniel Wu

Dr. Wu is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor in Greater China. For more than 40 years, he has successfully invested in and led many high-tech companies in the U.S., mainland China and Taiwan.

In 1985, after spending 10 years in research and development at Mobil and Arco, Dr. Wu was invited by Dr. Jeffrey L. S. Koo Sr. (founder of ChinaTrust, a leading financial holdings group in Taiwan) to help turn around Grand Pacific Petrochemical and successfully listed the company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in 1988.  Dr. Wu also worked with Morris Chang (founder, Chairman and CEO of TSMC) to acquire Wyse Technology in 1990 as well as successfully listed Wyse on the TSE.  In 1993, Dr. Wu was elected as the Chairman of Monte Jade West Science & Technology Association, as well as the first Chairman of the federation of Monte Jade Associations in the US.  Dr. Wu was twice the Chairman of Grand Pacific Petrochemical (1994–2004) and (2012–2018).  Over the years, he also led many companies in finance and technology, including serving as the Chairman for: CDIB Asset Management (2011-2018), CDIB & Partners Investment Holding (2004-2006), Koo’s Venture Capital (2002-2004), Crimson Asia Capital Holdings (1993-2000), Showa Denko HD Trace (1997-2003), Grand Pacific Optoelectronics (1997-2000), Photronics Semiconductor Mask (1998-2000), Gigamedia (2003-2008), Videoland (2002-2004), etc.

Dr. Wu graduated with a Ph. D in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering from the National Taiwan University.